Auto Leasing vs. Purchasing A Car

Auto Leasing vs. Buying A Car

Leasing a car often has lower monthly payments as compared to financing a car with the same loan terms. This is because with a auto leasing you’re paying for the depreciation of the car during those years rather than the whole vehicle cost. If you need access to more cash every month, leasing may be more favorable.

Lease Savings on Down Payments and Initial Fees

Most auto lease agreements have low down payments and or you can even try and get the down payment waived, and you’ll pay less for the sales tax on a lease as well (the tax is calculated in most states only on the monthly payments, not the total cost of the car). As with the lower downpayment, leasing has a smaller impact on your budget and cash balance.

Los Angeles Auto Leasing

If you are in the market of leasing a car in Los Angeles, CA, iCars Leasing help you cut the hassle of driving and price comparing between different dealers because we can get the lowest prices that a dealer will never or rarely offer directly to the consumer. Our experienced and professional auto lease brokers will help you decide on the right car for you, based on your needs as well as your budget, all while maintaining a comfortable, no pressure experience. Give us a call, and watch as we go to work for you.


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