How to Improve Gas Mileage on a Car

Find Out How to Improve Gas Mileage on a Car

Has your car been wasting too much gasoline lately? Are you wondering how to improve gas mileage on a car withing spending any extra money?

There are a few things you can do to improve a cars MPG without spending any money at all. Check out the few tips below on how to improve gas mileage on a car, completely free of charge.

Some Ways to Improve Gas Mileage on a Car:

1. Reduce any extra weight on your car.

You might not think of extra weight as much, but some extra weight can really be decreasing the efficiency of your cars gas mileage.

The more weight you take off your car, the more MPG you will receive. If your car weighs a total of 2000 pounds, and you add 200 pounds to it, the gas mileage will be about 10% worse.  If your car weighs 2000 pounds and you 200 pounds off of it, the gas mileage should increase by approximately 10%.

2. Keep your car tires fully inflated.

Some people may not realize it, but when car tires are not fully inflated, the friction in between the car tires and the ground increases, therefore causing the car to waste more gasoline while driving.

Keep your car tires fully inflated to prevent any additional friction from being caused in between the car tires and the ground. Any extra friction will cause the engine to have to work harder in order to displace its self from one place to another. The harder a car engine works the more gas it will use. Fully inflated car tires will prevent any extra friction from building up. Therefore preventing the engine from working harder than it needs too. The more smoothly an engine works, the less gasoline it will waste. When your tires are fully inflated, your engine will work more smoothly, therefore your car will waste less gas compared to if the tires are not fully inflated.

3. Drive at a constant speed and use the brakes as little as possible.

What does it mean to drive at a constant speed and why should you use the breaks as little as possible when driving? Driving at a “constant speed” means driving at the “same speed” without increasing or decreasing speed.

Why is it important to drive at a constant speed as much as possible and not press the brakes when you don’t need too? When a car is driving at a constant speed, the momentum of a cars consistent motion is helping the engine work less harder than it needs to, in comparison to when the car is speeding up. Whenever you press the brakes to slow down, you then need to press the gas pedal again to speed up. Every time you are required to speed up again, you are wasting much more gasoline than if you were to be traveling at a constant motion.

Start Improving Your Gas Mileage by Implementing These 3 Methods Without Spending Any Extra Money at All!

There are other ways of improving gas mileage as well if you are willing to spend money. In case you are not already aware, a few ways of improving MPG with spending money would include changing a cars oil, changing a cars spark plugs, and getting a tune up. In some cases leasing a new car is more beneficial and cost effective than spending so much time and money on an older car.


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